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Soaps, Bath Bombs & Scrubs

Handmade soaps, bath and body products using only the best natural & organic ingredients. Locally made in Defiance, MO!

Make-up & Skin Care

98% of makeup companies use animal byproducts and harmful chemicals like animal fat, crushed up beetles, and formaldehyde. GROSS! 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. These same companies also torture bunnies and rats to test products. Fortunately, there's Zuii to end this monstrosity! Zuii creates skincare for ALL skin types! (sensitive, dehydrated, dry to oily, combination, acne prone, age protection, age correction, skin brightening, sun damaged, normal to dry, anti-aging, etc. Safe, natural and completely organic face makeup is what you’ll find here also. Not only will these beauties offer illuminating skin coverage, but they’ll also improve the health of your skin with their nutrient-rich ingredients. There 100 percent organic healthy skin foundations, long lasting concealers and fruit pigmented tinted moisturizers will cover all your imperfections without looking or feeling heavy. They’re also incredibly perfect and non-irritating on all skin types.

Hair Care

  • O’RIGHT is made up of a group of ordinary people with an extraordinary mission - a mission to protect our planet from ourselves. ‘’As long as you put in efforts, you can turn ordinary into extraordinary. O’right firmly holds the belief that we must always treat the environment well. This is the core value of 'It’s O’right. We believe that actions speak louder than words, and that immediate actions shout even louder. Because of this we have long rejected the use of raw materials that will cause environmental pollution and harmful effects to people’s health. We are simply not prepared to wait for things to improve, we are determined to make them improve now. Because of this we are committed to producing the greenest hair products in the world, to producing a range of hair products that provide exceptional quality while supporting a sustainable, green earth. Our green core values are absolutely central to our business, from our production materials through our products, our packaging to the way we run our business. We truly believe that we have to make a difference, today. We truly believe that we can make a difference, today. Our mission is about creating sensible business concepts while maintaining our determination to protect the earth. We are determined to make a range of exceptional products. We are determined that they have to be better than, as well as greener than, our competitors. We can’t change the whole world, but we can change our impact on it. Change the world, one step at a time.

  • KERAGREEN by LBD: Worried of harsh, cancerous chemicals whenever you get a smoothing treatment done? NOT ANYMORE! This product is also 100% organic. It helps smooth out the cuticle and hair shaft for a more shiny, sleeker look that eliminates frizz and lasts for weeks without the harmful chemicals! Keratin Complex is a revitalizing rejuvenating treatment that will replenish lost keratin making the hair more manageable and easier to blow dry. Evaluating the length, density and texture of your clients hair will allow you to price the service and determine how much time the product will be needed to perform this service. The client can expect a natural reversion process as the treatment will naturally washout out of the hair over a period of three to five months. It is important not to use any conditioners, glosses or toners at this time as these will fill the cuticle and will not leave it open to accept the Keratin Complex Smoothing.