100% Organic Body Boutique


Hello, my name is Tatiana. I am the owner of Omorfiá and a second generation Greek-American. Growing up in a Greek home and seeing how my mother and grandmother would use old world traditions and techniques, I have taken those skills and am using them to help women look younger and feel great! This mastery was handed down from generation to generation of using only the finest, natural ingredients for their hair and skin. It is something that has been passed down to me to share with all of you!  I've learned what items have kept my mother and grandmother looking younger than they were, and I bring this knowledge to all of you through the passion I have to help make you feel and look youthful. As a licensed cosmetologist for about 11 years now, I have taken all of the knowledge I have which I've learned from school and from past experiences and made it my own. Now it has brought me here opening up the greatest thing ever to have come to Saint Louis, MO! I am so excited and proud to share with all of you what I know about beauty, the correct way! Naturally and organically. Other than the organic soaps, scrubs and bath bombs we make by hand, we also offer an organic hair care product line that compliment the organic and natural approach from the brand O'right, and a 100% organic makeup line called Zuii Organics based out of Australia. Both product lines are animal cruelty free, ammonia free, and vegan.