100% Organic Body Boutique

About Us

Omorfiá comes from the Greek word, "Beauty". We've come a long way since the ancient Greek methods of beauty which then used ingredients such as lead and chalk which were toxic and harmful to the body, to mud and clay which were beneficiary.  Omorfiá has kept the traditions of using only organic, healthy ingredients such as pure first pressed olive oil, goats milk, and herbs which were also used in ancient times for exceptional skin care. It is our philosophy handed down through generations to use only the best ingredients within our products for optimal health and beauty. We want nothing but the best and purest of ingredients straight from the earth. We strive for all of our products to be vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and free from harsh and dangerous chemicals without sacrificing a superior professional result. That is what makes us all beautiful, inside & out. The power of nature is the best medicine!